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If you're ready to go after what you want, it's time to go beyond the board. 

The problem that keeps people from reaching their goals isn’t enough information.  The issue is that we have too much information, and it’s incredibly challenging to focus on what matters.  We try to do it all and end up accomplishing little.


We don’t do the things that matter with the people that matter for the reasons that matter in a way that matters.  


This book simplifies the process of gaining clarity to achieving your goals in a fulfilling and sustainable way.


In this book you will gain clarity on:


  • What it is you really want.

  • Why you want it.

  • Who you need to be in the process, and who you need around you.

  • How to go about achieving your vision board goals and dreams based on your unique habits, skills, and mindset.

  • Energy needed to sustain you.

  • Schedules that allow you to be successful and have a life.

  • Your Legacy.  Connect the dots between your purpose in life and the actions you take daily.


Invest time now and you will actualize your vision board goals and dreams.  You deserve it. 


Let’s go Beyond the Board.  

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About the Author

Rebecca Gebhardt is the Founder of Rise Up Consulting, LLC and is an expert in sales leadership.  She has been in sales, team building, and coaching for over twenty years, and retired at age 33 from insurance after her agency created $50 million of revenue. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Marquette University, and is a certified Kolbe® consultant.  She believes the best way to have success on your terms is by being in control over your time, income, energy, and goals.  Rebecca lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and two children. Find out more at  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @RiseWithRebecca.  

What People Are Saying About Beyond the Board:

"Rebecca did a perfect job of conveying some big truths that I needed to hear and work on, while sharing her own story. I enjoyed doing the chapter exercises because that's where this book comes to life. I am living positively confident in abundance and I'm looking forward to using this book and work sheet as an outline for my success."

"Rebecca Gebhardt has gone beyond the trite "success tips" and provides thoughtful questions and strategies to help go beyond the typical "vision board." Good stories; very readable!"

"I highly recommend to read this book. It has lots of useful information how to accumulate your energy, be successful and don`t burnt out. It`s also very important to visualize you goals and manage your time effectively. Special appreciation for practical exercises!"

“Beyond the Board” helped give my business vision clarity, a road map, and actual REAL insight within the industry I work with. Helpful tips and tricks that I implemented for myself and team from day one. After finishing Rebecca’s book, I reached out and hired her on the spot for business consultation for myself and growing agency."

"This is a must for growing your vision and dreams."

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